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Jul 12, 2011

Blogging job – Introduction and instructions:

Primary idea: Blogging is a great profitable work in today’s world. Blogging is such a job with what a man opens a free blog (Actually a website) and drives it towards the top of all competitor blog in the search engines. It is a very easy job and anyone can do it. You can see a lot of people are blogging and earning a lot of money from them.

How the job is: The job is so simple to do. You just have to choose a topic for blogging (Topic can be anything – I have given some profitable topics here), then create a blog in Blogger or Wordpress website, next post as much as articles on your site related to the topic, To rank better in search engines to get more visitors - do Search engine optimization (On page and Off page), Use Google’s Adsense program on your site to show advertisements on your blog (Adsense provides ad on your site and you earn money when visitors click on them) and you are done! You will even earn money while you sleep!
Isn’t the job easy? You need no special skills and training to do it as I will write in easy words about them. I will also help you if you do not understand anything here.

( If you do not understand or new to the names such as ‘Google adsense’ or ‘Search engine optimization’, don’t worry! I will be writing about them. Subscribe with email from the home page of this site and become informed automatically with email when I post about them)

How much will you earn: There are no limits on your earning. You will be surprised to hear that many ‘Bloggers’ are making 150-200 dollars every week. And you can also earn the same or more if you have a little patience. Even, you will find the work more interesting and profitable than Freelancing.

Are people getting paid through this way: You will surely make a good amount of money because millions of people are making money with this way. This job is fully productive and is reputed more than Freelancing. As an uncountable number of people are being paid through this way, you have no worry about the jobs reality.

You are a current proof of this system: I am running a blog on which you are staying currently. So now you know that this job is believable.

Great benefits of this job: There are lots of benefits on this job which you will get totally Free!
1. You will get a Free domain (E.G: ) and a Free hosting (Where you can put your data like articles, photos and videos etc).

2. You will learn about keeping and control a website which will help a lot in your future.

3. You will learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a good job in Freelancing. (You will need SEO for your website to rank top)

4. You will become expert on English as you will write your articles on English to make your blog ready for advertisement

5. You will have a lot of experience on making good money online ‘on and for’ the first time!

I have talked everything about this job information because the job is fully believable. So you need nothing more to know like ‘Scam on this job’ or ‘Information for being safe in this job’ etc.

I will be writing more about the job is a few days. Please stay connected through Email subscription. Thanks for reading this post!