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Jun 5, 2011

Introduction to affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a job of advertising. This job is very easy to do and needs no skills. People who have blogs or websites can easily do this job. In this job your blog/websites visitors turn into money.

Do not understand? When people visit your blog or website and they clicks on various advertises in your blog given by the advertising company you joined, they pay you the money. Why they pay this? The answer is you are promoting their website to visitors with those advertisements. The companies sell various products and they earn money from them. So the companies pay you.

But there should be a connection between you and the advertisement companies. This is a most important factor because, if the companies do not find you and other website/blog owners, they will lose a large amount of money they could earn.

So, there are a lot of companies which makes a link between website owners and advertisers. These are Affiliate companies.  There are many Affiliate companies today. But finding the best company is the most annoying work. If you meet people who know this, then you are the luckiest from thousands of people. Because the people, who are making money today, do not have much time to teach you.

There are lots of companies which will help you to earn money by using ads on your blog/website. Such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bit vertisers, Ads banger, Chitika etc. These companies work on PPC (Pay Per Click) and they put advertises of their own choice to help you get the most revenue. Besides there is a good website that will help you to put advertises of your own choice. It’s name is CJ (Commission Junction).

I will talk about them in the next post. Please continue reading to start this job. Thank you for reading this article.

Jun 4, 2011

How to do affiliate marketing

This work is excellent for people who want to earn money automatically. You don't have to take any training to do this work. Money comes automatically. This job does not require any bidding and is instantly available to all. You just need to own a website or blog. If you have this you are successfully ready to enter here. This job mainly depends on advertising. So your work is advertising. It is an easy task to do.

1. First you have to own a website or blog. Those, who does not have credit cards or cash can make a free sub-domain or blog at any time. You can have your free sub-domain by searching in the Google. Some of websites that distributes sub-domains are, , , , etc.

2. But I suggest you to create a free blog as many people don't have a high speed modem and to control a sub-domain is often more harder in a 56Kbps or 28Kbps modem. But controlling a blog-site is very easy and effective. Besides you can get additional services and helps from your blog service provider.  and  are two great websites that provides blogs. You can moderate, change and personalize your blog at any time and without facing any Internet speed trouble.

3. Then you have to promote your website/blog to different directories. The good ways are doing press release, article writing, forum posting and social bookmarking etc. The techniques works awesome! You
can do minimum 5 works each day and you will get good number of people visiting your site.

4. After promoting your site you have to join an affiliate website. I've found the best and trusted website You can join here anytime free. You have to apply for relationship of business with companies and get their banner links after signing up. After application approval you can have your HTML code which you have to copy and paste in your blog-post or HTML source. Then visitors will click on your banners and the related companies will give you money for every sale/click/lead. 

5. That's all ! You are now ready to earn money through Internet !!!