Jul 11, 2011

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Hi Friends!

If you have any question to any of the subject, I will definitely help you. So, don't feel hesitated. This blog is totally dedicated for you to collect information about online jobs. Here are some of my contact details where you will find me. You can also share your feelings with both others and me via leaving a comment here.

Email addresses: 1. shourovfoisal@gmail.com
                          2. myworkpoint@gmail.com
                          3. shourovfoisal@ymail.com

Skype ID: shourovfoisal

Twitter ID: shourovfoisal

Find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shourovfoisal123

Facebook Email address: 1. shourovfoisal@gmail.com
                                       2. shourovfoisal@ymail.com

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