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Jul 10, 2011

Survey job - Introduction and instructions

How is the job: This is really good job for instant earning and needs no special skills. The main point is that you can start all your work free. The work is very easy to do and people enjoy doing it.

Primary survey job idea: There are a lot of companies who wants to know what people think about them and what they expect for. The nearest way to learn that is to taking surveys. In a survey, you will be asked to give some information about what you like to do; what is your favorite food, what places you would like to visit, what products you will like most, about your favorite pets and toys etc. These questions are so simple that everyone can answer them. Survey jobs come with emails. You just have to read it and provide the information they need.

How will they use those information: Information you send over a survey are so simple and doesn’t harm your privacy. Survey companies actually ask questions to you to improve their product quality. You will find every question easy and interesting. You just have to provide related and informative answers.

How the system works: Paid survey works on a ‘Non face to face system’. When you join a reputed survey site, they note your Email address. Survey sites only provide a directory to survey provider companies and establish a connection between you and them. When a survey company chooses you for a survey, the invitation is sent to you through your registered Email address. (I always suggest you to make a separate Email address for only survey). You then open the Email, accept the invitation, register on the survey company site using the link in the Email and complete the survey answering their interests.

How much will you earn: Completing surveys are most easy works. A new comer can easily make 150-200$/month. Your income depends on completing surveys. Doing full time job can increase your earnings.

How much you have to work: It is the same as I have told before. As much as you do your job, your earnings will increase more. Your job is very easy and full of entertainment. So, you will enjoy doing it and you will find it easier than other jobs.

Why you need no deposit: Many people think that Paid Survey job needs a starting investment and people without cash cannot do the job. But there are a lot of sites in the market which can provide you free services. Actually it is an illegal business to receive payments from people for survey sites list. Because there are lots of sites that help you with free directories of survey sites, you have no worry about it. You just have to search in Google or major search engines to find the directories and you will find them easily!

What is the suggestion at last: Keep your research on finding real survey sites if you own the habit to research. If you do not have it, then start right now. Today there are a lots of site that impress you saying that you can make 1000-1500$ per day. But all we understand that those offers are really fake. Do not join those sites!

Reject a survey site from joining if you see these problems:
1. The site is a replica of another survey site.
2. The site is offering you such income that can’t be imagined.
3. The site is trying to get your credit card information or social security status while registration.
4. Site telling you to register spending cash.
5. Site is not authorized by you or the info about the site is not satisfying.

I will be describing about “how to do this job” in the next post. Please keep reading. If you want to receive future notification from this blog, please subscribe via Email. Thanks.